Reserving stock for pre-season estimates can be helpful if you're running a business where you have seasonal stock. You may need to contact all of your best customers at the start of the season & ask them how many of this new line of products they're likely to sell, providing you with their pre-season orders. 

These pre-season orders may require you to reserve a particular quantity of products each month. For example 10x 1.5 AAA Batteries in February & 20 in March. The customer hasn't ordered these products & don't want you to automatically send them but they have made a broad commitment to ordering these items. Therefore, your sales team may need to contact these customers each month to see if they would still like their pre-season order. If this customer is likely to place the order then you may want to ensure the stock is available for their pre-season order. To help manage stock levels with pre-season orders, the CRM provides stock levels taking into account the pre-season estimates.

In the screenshot below we have the 1.5 AAA Battery product, which currently has an Available from Stock Level of 34 & an Available with Pre-season Stock Level of -41. 

In order to set a pre-season estimate for a customer you will need to create a quote & add the required products. In the below screenshot we have a quote record with the 1.5 AAA Battery product added which has a quantity of 4. We can also see that the Reserve Stock is currently set to Not Reserved. 

To set this order to a pre-season estimate simply click on the Reserve Stock drop down & select Pre-season Estimate.  

By selecting the Pre-season Estimate option the Available with Preseason Stock Level has decreased to -45 for the 1.5 AAA Battery product, showing that we would need an additional 45 batteries in order to fulfil all the pre-season estimates. The Available from Stock Level will be different as this shows what you actually have available, as the pre-season estimates are not an actual order yet. Being able to see these two stock level figures will help your sales team manage expectations for actual orders & pre-season orders.  

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