Quote Grouping allows you to group Quote lines together in both the CRM and Quote document templates. Please note that this feature is currently in preview and may change in the future.

To start using Quote Groupings on your Quote records, you will need to enable the functionality via the Settings Centre. To access the Settings Centre, click on the cog icon in the bottom left-hand corner.

Once within the Settings Centre, navigate to the 'Sales' section and scroll down until you reach the Quote line grouping feature configure option.

Simply click 'Enable' and Quotes Grouping will then be available to use. In the below screenshot, we have a Quote record. Before you start adding groups to your Quote, you will need to add the required products. Once you've added your product records, click on the arrow head next to the 'Add Existing Products' button, and select the 'Add Group' option. 

You can then give your new group a title. For example, this might be 'Battery Packs', and then choose the products that you wish to add to that group by using the tick box.

You also have some Output Format Settings to choose from:

Show Subtotal: This option will show a subtotal for the products added to the group within the Quote table.
Show Price Column:
By setting this option, a price column for each of the products will be displayed when outputted to a Quote table.
New Page:
When using a Word Quote document template if this option has been selected, the group will be displayed on a separate page to the rest of the products.
Show Separate Totals:
This option will display the totals for this group as a separate totals table.
New Table:
This will display the new group in a separate Quote table to the rest of the products.

Once happy with your selection, click 'Save' and your new grouping will be displayed on the Quote record. To create another group, just click on 'Create Group' located above the Ungrouped products.

You can also drag and drop ungrouped products to assign them to a Quote group.

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