At ProspectSoft, we recognise three different Stock-Aware sales models that our CRM can help support. Each sales model has different processes and requirements which the CRM can adapt to. The purpose of this article is to understand how the CRM can help support your sales model. Please note: your business may have a combination of the below sales models, not just one.

If you require further information, please watch our Webinar focusing on Quoting & Sales Pipelines in B2B Wholesale, Distribution & Manufacturing Businesses. 

Identifying your Sales Model

We have outlined each Stock-Aware sales model and their typical sales process. Obviously, every business is different, but hopefully your processes fall into at least one of these sales models. Using the below guide, please identify the sales models that best represent your sales processes. 

Aligning Sales Pipelines & Quotations with your Sales Model

Now that you have identified which sales models best represent your sales processes, we can recommend how the CRM can support you business. For each sales model, we have recommended using specific aspects of the CRM. To help you get started, we have also provided links to the corresponding articles, which include step-by-step guides.




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