In Prospect CRM, you can quickly and easily send emails directly from the CRM rather than having to open up your email client, like Outlook or Gmail. By sending them directly from the CRM, emails are automatically logged under the Documents of the record you're sending an email from.

By default, any emails you send from the CRM will be sent from the following email address: However, you can choose to send emails from the CRM using your own domain instead if you'd prefer.

Step 1: Register the Domain

A user with CRM Admin rights will first need to register the domain you'd like to use via this link

Step 2: Update SPF Record

The domain's SPF record will also need updating to include the below information. You'll most likely need to contact your domain provider to get this added.

For example, if the existing record is v=spf1 -all, then you'll need to adjust it to this:

v=spf1 -all

Going forward, emails sent by any CRM users from the CRM will be from their own email domain!

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