Welcome to the sales topic, within this section we will be focusing on records/functionality which help to manage your sales opportunity process. 

ProspectSoft is a hierarchical database which can be explained visibly with the tree structure shown below. The two records we will be focusing on in this section are Leads & Quotes.

Lead – Sales Lead Tracking

For every opportunity to sell to a client that occurs, a ‘Lead’ should be created under the Contact that you will be speaking to about the opportunity.

The Lead is used to track a sales opportunity from the moment you decide a client is interested in an offering of yours, through to them either ordering it, or not.

At Lead level, we capture some basic Lead information; such as a description, the potential size and margin of the opportunity, the date you expect it to be ordered and the likelihood that the customer will order it by that date. The combination of all these things allows for great forecasting, so it’s important to fill in as much as you can.

The icon associated with a Lead is shown above.

Quotes - Order Processing

During the sales opportunity process you will need to provide your customers with pricing. The Quote Record is used to store products & prices that the customer is interested in. 

Once the customer is happy with the Quote you can process this through to your integrated accounting system. You will log a Quote either under a Lead or a Contact record.

The icon associated with a Lead is shown above.

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