Preference Flags are used to determine if a Contact in the CRM wants to be contacted via Email, Mail or Fax. This is particularly important when you're marketing to these Contacts, as you only want to send communications to those who are happy to be contacted. To help our customers be more GDPR compliant, the Opt In flag can be used for recording when a customer opts in to your marketing communications or when they opt out. 

Step 1: Go to Communication Page on Contact

On a Contact, select the Communication tab on the left-hand side. 

Step 2: Turn Preference Toggles On/Off

You can then select the required preference flags for 'Email', 'Mail' or 'Fax'. By toggling a preference on, it'll turn blue (it'll be grey if it is toggled off). There's also an additional option for 'Swap', which refers to if the Contact has authorised for their details to be passed on to a third party. Once you've made your selection, it'll be saved automatically in the CRM.   

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