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Bulk Updating Prospect CRM Special Prices via Excel
Bulk Updating Prospect CRM Special Prices via Excel

This article outlines how to bulk update Prospect CRM Special Prices in your CRM using Excel.

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Before you start configuring Prospect CRM's built-in special pricing, it's important to know whether this functionality is right for your business. If you're using Special Pricing set up in your Accounts /Inventory Management system and it's working perfectly fine for you, then you should continue using this form of special pricing.

However, this isn't the case for everyone, as some Accounting Systems don't offer special pricing functionality. Plus, by having the special pricing managed in Prospect CRM, it can save your Sales team time switching between 2 different systems. Learn more here about Prospect CRM's built-in special pricing.

You can bulk update special prices on your CRM by using our 'Update via Excel' tool. This guide will show you how to use our this.


  • You need to have the right to bulk update within the CRM

Step 1 : Go to System Settings

Navigate to 'Settings' and select 'System Settings'. Here, search for "Customer Pricing". You'll then be presented with the Built-in Customer Pricing & Discounts setting.

Step 2 : Accessing Price Band that Requires Updating

Click on the 'Click to Configure Price Bands' button, which will then take you to a list of your current Price Bands.

From there, click on the pencil icon against the price band you wish to edit.

This will bring up a pop-up on the right-hand side of your screen. From here, scroll down on the pop-up and click the 'Product Prices' tile.

You'll then be taken to the Product Prices page where all special prices will be listed.

Step 3: Downloading Bulk Update Template

To update these prices via Excel, click on the further options menu (three dots) and select 'Update via Excel'.

You'll be taken to a full a list of fields that you can choose from to update. Simply select/de-select the fields you wish to update by ticking/unticking the boxes.

The main fields you'll typically want to choose here include:

  • Price Type

  • Value

  • Start Quantity (If setting quantity break pricing)

  • Start Date (If setting a start and end date for special price)

  • End Date (If setting a start and end date for special price)

Once you've selected your fields, make sure you click 'Export Records' before pressing 'Next'.

This will provide you with an Excel template, which helps you input information that needs updating onto the spreadsheet. This template can be obtained by clicking the 'Download' button.

Step 4: Completing Bulk Update

Once you've added all the data into your Excel spreadsheet, it's now time to upload the data into your CRM. Head back into Prospect CRM and click the 'Next' button. This will then prompt you to upload your Excel file onto your CRM, either by choosing 'Select your spreadsheet' or by dragging and dropping the file in to the designated area.

Once complete, it'll check for any errors, then process all the rows.

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