Categories that you've set up in your connected Inventory Management/Accounting system may not be ones you wish to use in your Magic Matrix. This can easily be changed using our Bulk Updater tool to filter by category on the Product Items Report and then bulk updating your fields.


Step 1: Navigate to Product Items

In the navigation menu, select the Products menu then click 'Product Items' - this will take you to a Report containing all of products.

Step 2: Filter by Product Category

Click the three dots in the top right-hand corner and select 'Filters' then 'Add Filters'.

Find and select 'Categories' and select this, and the tick on 'Description'.

Next, click 'Continue' at the bottom - you've now added a new filter option to your Report. This is where you can then type in the category that you'd like to filter by.

Step 3: Perform Bulk Action

Once your Report has been filtered to show the category that you'd like to change the Magic Matrix category for, you can then perform your bulk action. If you wish to update all of these products, then tick 'Select All'. If not, then simply tick the boxes against the relevant products.

Once you've selected your products, click 'Choose Action'.

Then, click 'Update Fields' to perform the change.

You'll then be able to update certain fields. Remember to select 'Show More' next to Product Item to expand the list.

Scroll down until you find 'Magic Matrix Category' and tick this box.

You'll then have the option to select the Magic Matrix category you wish to assign the selected products to.

Finally, click 'Update'!

The new category will now be in your Magic Matrix under the drop-down shown above.

Not yet familiar with the Magic Matrix? Click here to learn more!

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