Within the CRM there are three methods for setting a delivery charge:

  • Users manually type a delivery charge value
  • Prospect 365 will calculate valid options based on the division, delivery location, order value and/or total weight.
  • Custom delivery charges via API

The first two methods are supported out of the box & provide the vast majority of requirements leaving the third to be used for very complex requirements. Please do get in touch with our Customer Services team or Account Management if you require custom delivery charges. 

To configure your Delivery Charges you will require Prospect Administrator rights, if you require these then please speak to your key CRM Admin user or our Customer Services Team. 

To edit your Delivery Charges, click on the cog icon in the bottom left-hand corner to take you to the Settings Centre. 

Once within the Settings Centre, navigate to the 'Sales' section and within here you will have the Delivery Charges configure option.

To enable manual entry delivery charges select either All Users or Administrators. If you select Administrators only those with Prospect CRM Administrator rights will be able to manually enter a delivery charge. You also have a setting to only allow manually entered delivery charges that are over zero, select if required.

Next you can configure the correct VAT calculation for the delivery charge. To do so click on the pencil icon to search for a product that represents the manual entry delivery charge. This product may also be used by your accounts/inventory management system as well. 

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