Product information is usually imported from your Accounting System but can be managed via the CRM. Sometimes you may need to export the imported product information from the CRM for reviewing or editing purposes. Therefore, this article outlines how to export product information from the CRM. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Prospect Admin area

To export your product information, navigate to the Prospect Admin section via To run the export tool, you will require Prospect Administrator rights. If you require these then please speak to your key CRM user or our Customer Services Team. 

Step 2: Select 'Export Data' 

Once within the Admin section, scroll down the menu until you reach the Data Management folder. Within here, click on the 'Export Data' option. 

Within the Record Type drop-down, all of the possible Export types will be listed, such as Product Items and Product Groups. Once you have selected the required Record Type, click 'Export'. 

The Export will then start processing your request, you can check on it's progress within the File Links section. 

Once completed, you will be able to click on the Download link for the selected product information file. 

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