Within the CRM you can transfer the ownership of a record by assigning a recall to another CRM user or yourself. This recall would include a message detailing the task at hand. 

By default, the CRM will not limit the number of active recalls for you. However you can set a limit if you feel too many Recalls are being set. The idea behind setting a Recall Limit is to avoid unrealistic work loads for the CRM user. Please note Recall Limits are a user preference, so this will be configured within each user's 'About Me' section. 

To configure a Recall Limit, navigate to the 'About Me' section by clicking on your user icon in the top right-hand corner and clicking the 'About Me' option. 

Once within the 'About Me' section, open the 'Settings' page, where the 'Recall Settings' and 'Recall Limit Action' will be situated. 

To turn on the Recall Limit, select 'Enable' within the 'Recall Settings' option. You will then be able to type in what the Recall Limit should be. By default this will be set to 25, but you can customise this option. 

Next you can choose the Recall Limit Action whether this be 'Prompt' or 'Block'. If your Recall Limit Action is set to 'Prompt', then when your Recall Limit is reached and someone attempts to set another Recall for you, they'll get a message notifying them that you've reached your limit. If your Recall Limit Action is set to 'Block', then when your Recall Limit is reached, then no more recalls can be created for you. Just select the required option. 

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