As time goes by people will come & go from your Contact's business, therefore it is important to know how to create a New Contact under an existing Division. An example of when you may need to do this, is if a customer of yours has a new starter. 

To create the New Contact, you will need to find the Division record using the global search. For this example I have searched for the Division 'Browns of Sheffield'. 

Once you have opened the correct Division record, navigate to the 'Contacts' page. Within this page you can view the Contacts already logged underneath the Division. To create a New Contact click on the + icon at the top of the page.  

After clicking on the + icon the New Record screen will open, where you can fill out the relevant information about your New Contact. 

Email: Using the Contact's email address, the social searching will try to obtain information about that Contact across various social media platforms.
Contact Information (Title, Name, Preferred Name & Salutation):
If you're unsure of this information then you should try to obtain this once created, but as a minimum we do ask for the Contact's surname at the business you're creating.
This will need to determine the Contact's role at their business.
If the customer is happy to provide their mobile number you can record this here.

Once happy with the information recorded click the create button & your New Contact record will be created.


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