We offer integrated email marketing functionality using Spotler's Email Marketing Platform. Through this integration, CRM users can view the results of Email Marketing efforts without, needing a login to Spotler.

To view the Email Marketing results, navigate to the Email Marketing page at either Division or Contact level. Within the Email Marketing page, all emails that have been sent via Spotler, and the interactions that have taken place with these email communications, will be recorded here. You'll even be provided with a link to the email that was sent. 

Types of Interactions Recorded in the CRM

  • Email Sent: This will state the description of the email sent and on what date it was sent.
  • Email Opened: This will record whether the Contact had opened the email, along with the email's description and date it was opened. 
  • Web Hit: If a customer was to click on a hyperlink within an email, then this interaction will appear as a Web Hit, detailing the URL of this hyperlink.
  • Unsubscribed: If a customer clicks on the unsubscribed link then it will record this within the Email Marketing page.
  • Landing Zone Hit: Landing Zones are temporary web pages that can be set up in Spotler, and a link to a Landing Zone can be included within your email. If a Contact clicks on a Landing Zone, then it'll be recorded in the CRM as a Landing Zone Hit, along with the URL of this page. 
  • Email Bounced: If the email does not reach the Contact because the email bounced (hard or soft), then this will be recorded within the Email Marketing results automatically. For information about why the email bounced, you'll need to export the results from Spotler and cross-reference the bounce reasoons with this article here
  • Document Download: If you include document downloads within your email e.g. PDF download, any downloads will also be recorded in the CRM.

Please note: Spotler's other tools, including GatorSurvey, GatorLeads GatorWorkflow and GatorSocial, don't currently have any integration capabilities with Prospect CRM.

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