In order to access the Admin Portal you need to have the correct level of authorisation set within the CRM. If you do not then please contact your Account Manager, or Key CRM User within your business. 

From the Admin Portal you are able to download and then enter certain data into a spreadsheet. This information can then be uploaded into the CRM for all users to view and edit. It is important to follow the steps carefully as importing data into the CRM can cause issues if you have entered a value in the spreadsheet incorrectly.  

From within the CRM you need to click on the applications button in the top left of the screen and then select the 'Admin' option.

This will then take you to the Admin Portal. From here select 'Data Management' from the tab on the left and then 'Basic Data Import' as shown below. 

Please read all the notes in the Admin Portal carefully when completing the import. 

The first step is to download the Excel spreadsheet and begin populating it with information. 

The Admin Portal gives you a break down of all the different fields which can be added to spreadsheet and certain parameters to use. 

After you have populated your spreadsheet it need to be uploaded to the Admin Portal. This is done by simply clicking on the 'Browse' button and then navigating to the spreadsheet file on your computer. Once you have selected the correct file you be able to select the 'Upload & Import' button as shown below.


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