Users can add multiple notes to a record and these can be tagged with particular words or marked as a key item to make them easier to locate later. 

To add a tag to an activity click on the 'Add Tag' button once you have opened the Activity window, as shown below.

Simply enter the word or phrase you want to use and press enter to save. Multiple tags can be added to the same activity if needed. 

Once you have posted the note you can then mark it as a key entry by clicking on the star icon shown below. 

You can then filter your view of all the activity notes by using the filter icon shown below. Clicking on 'Show key items only' will show all entries where the star icon has been selected. Any tags which you have added will also show up and can be filter by clicking on them. 

You can also use the magnifying glass to search for words or phrases used within individual notepads. 

For more information about tags and key items please see our video below.

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